The First Step…

The Himalayas. Texas. The Amazon. The Australian Wildfires. Ice melting away from the poles. We are in a crisis. All of us together. The planet that keeps us safe is not safe today, and thus, neither are we. What do we do about it?

Men argue. Nature acts.


In an ideal world, the lessons thus far would have led to some significant changes to ensure a better future for the generations to come. In the real world, we all need to try our best. It is not the question of what to do when crises hit, but rather what we learn and implement from what we’ve already seen.

Each of us can start with changes, big and small. Keeping ourselves informed. Being responsible. Making changes that bring a better tomorrow. The discourse around this emergency need not be sensationalized, it is urgent and shocking without any help. The time to act is now.

Sustainability is not an overnight change. It is a practice you adapt to and see the changes over time. I’ve created this space to initiate and add to the conversation about what we already know and what can we do about it. I hope we are all on this journey together.


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I am a simple writer who wishes to use her skill to create more awareness about the planet that offers us life.

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