The Truth About Climate Change Writing

Humans are creatures of habit. Imagine asking a child to change the way they hold a pencil, write their ‘a’, or put their thumbs into their mouth. You will be met with resistance, and possibly, a scene will ensue. Fortunately, kids grow up… which means that there’s more of a chance of them changing their ways. The same cannot be said about adults.

Asking a grown individual to change their habits may not end up being a visible tantrum, but there is some drama involved. That’s about one person. Imagine telling everyone around you that we all need to coordinate and amend our way. If we want to live, that is. Writing about climate change often feels like having to tell a child that their toy is actually hurting their health and it’s best to give it up. Ironically, sometimes it also feels like you don’t have the right words to fully convince them because you are so in shock about all that is happening. And you know you are asking for something they love.

That being said, I cannot help but acknowledge that blogging is but a minuscule part of climate communication and action. There is a lot more that people, especially teenagers, around the world are doing to push climate change awareness and action. When you think about it, being overwhelmed trying to be a keyboard warrior (for the lack of a better word) is saying too much.


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I am a simple writer who wishes to use her skill to create more awareness about the planet that offers us life.

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